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In November and again in January our team had a wonderful opportunity to visit Dhaka again, after a 3 year gap. Thanks to H&M and Tesco we visited 5 major suppliers there representing >2% of the Bangladesh export volumes of garments. We now have a very clear understanding that our approach makes sense for suppliers, both process-wise and business-wise. And we have understood from close-up look into the details of the textile waste streams and management why the industry in general, as well as the research community of sustainable fashion have systematically underestimated the volumes of production leftovers. It means, that the business potential of reusing and recycling leftovers is bigger than it has been thought. Few months more and we can give the numbers.    

We have made agreements with 2 factories to start with sampling and costing to measure the volumes and potential of remanufacturing in their factories to learn the costs and savings from our concept. And we are keenly looking forward to the first results from these trials!
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