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Recyclers in RR network and their price ranges

Mechanical cotton recycling

Active in RR network: 28 recyclers
Buying capacity: 6,900 t/month
Av. buying price: 0.2-0.7 USD/kg

Pulling cutting scraps to fibre (shredding) and re-spinning it to yarn while commonly mixing it with some longer virgin fibres (polyester).

Recyclers buy 100% cotton scraps, solid colours segregated by colour shade, knits are preferred.  Any elastane significantly lowers the quality of the recycled yarn.

Down-cycling of mixed textile waste

Active in RR network:  2 recyclers
Buying capacity: 500 t/month
Av. buying price: 0.05 - 0.1 USD/kg

Using mixture of shredded textile waste to produce non-woven
materials, isolation materials, furniture stuffings or other products for other industries.

Chemical cotton

Active in RR network: 2 recyclers
Buying capacity: 100 t/month
Av. buying price: 0.1-0.45 USD/kg

Chemically processing cotton fibre into viscose-like new pulp with
virgin quality. Very short fibre length (dust) also usable. 

Recyclers use 100% cotton (max 2% of elastane allowed), woven scraps are welcome in large quantities starting from 25 tonnes/batch.  Light colours are preferred.

Mechanical poly-cotton

Active in RR network: 5 recyclers
Buying capacity: 1,20 t/month
Av. buying price: 0.1-0.2 USD/kg

Similarly to mechanical cotton
recycling, poly-mixed materials can be shredded and re-spun if no
elastane is involved.

Chemical polyester recycling

Active in RR network: 2 recyclers
Buying capacity/ av. buying price:
N/A, still in piloting phase

Chemically processing polyester to virgin quality PTA that can be used again as raw material for polyester fabric production.

One of our recyclers is able to process poly fabrics with up to 40% other fibres included, majority need 100% polyester.

Mechanical/thermal polyester/nylon recycling

Active RR network: 5 recyclers
Buying capacity: 315 t/month
Av. buying price: 0.1-0.2 USD/t

Melting polyester fabrics to granules to use it for production of lower grade plastic products, or shredding and reusing the fibre in new
products. 100% polyester is used.

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