We connect fashion brands, suppliers, traders and recyclers into a central online data platform 

to build data intelligence and 

offer a win-win business case for all sides

from visibility and traceability of production leftovers.

Garment & fabric suppliers

Upload or enter your scrap data fast and easy 

Get requests from recyclers straight to production floor to segregate and mark leftovers with better price

Get insight into how much are recyclers paying for which scraps

Access live and accurate overview and statistics on your leftover material flows

Provide sustainability KPIs (circularity index) to your key buyers easily 

Investigate remanufacturing opportunities with us to bring up the value of your dead stock fabrics

Traders of leftovers

Shift from manual sorting to trading with pre-sergregated and pre-matched textile leftovers

Get insight into matches done between recyclers and factories 

Build new partnerships with factories to offer storage of leftovers till demand

Access deals that have been too big or specific till now by matching your volumes with other traders

Responsibility over scraps with negative value becomes a shared problem

Simple inventory management tools to keep control over the feedstock

Recycling plants

Get live market insight which leftovers are available where and when

Take control of the feedstock - access accurate background information about  what do the materials contain and where they come from

Put up requests with your exact specification directly for garment factories to segregate what you need 

Get proof of origin documentation along with the scraps delivered

Lower lead times of more specific materials and get access scraps with specific certificates (e.g. organic cotton)

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