Research on textile waste flows since 2014

The Reverse Resources team has been researching the global challenges and market barriers of textile waste flows since 2014. Our goal is to facilitate access to high-quality secondary materials for emerging textile-to-textile recyclers to produce top-notch yarns and fabrics for the fashion industry. 

We have set up a platform for the fashion industry to collaborate easily on delivering secondary textile materials from source to recycling with full transparency. Our method has proven effective in providing our clients with visibility into the actual amount of waste they are generating and that could be turned into new textiles. 

Our free-access dashboard offers real-time overview of the textile waste flows on the Reverse Resources platform.

Get access to the dashboard for insights into:

  • Total volume of waste by location

  • Disposal and destinations of the waste

  • Compositions of all the waste registered on the platform

  • Key compositions & materials types of the textile waste
  • Breakdown of different material wastes by colors

  • Total amount of material group shipped

*Customers will receive a customised report each month showing their company’s waste flows registered on Reverse Resources.

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