The Mindset About Textile Waste in Bangladesh Is Changing and We are Glad To Be Part of It


Reverse Resources had a great opportunity to take part in the 2nd Bangladesh Fashionology Summit on May2, 2019 thanks to our cooperation with Fashion For Good. As part of that Mr. Mostafiz Uddin, the key organiser of the Summit, gave us great support in promoting what we do. It was impressive to see how the story on textile waste and the great opportunity raising from new emerging recycling markets for Bangladesh started to spread with a light-speed.
An article published by Mostafiz Uddin at Dhaka Tribune shared, "Bangladesh has a goldmine of waste" called out from a panel discussion on a stage as if using words from our mouth, circular economy in general being one of the key topics of the Summit and Denim Expo. .... we found so many evidence how the idea of the emerging opportunity of recycling is spreading. The story to save waste from landfill and dumping is not what turns a page. But the narrative of creating higher value for the waste, recycling production waste to get high-end fabrics and replace virgin materials is something that makes people listen. It's great to see that now it's not any more something being discussed behind closed doors. It's not any more about being protective about someone finding out that we have so much of waste. The message about the business opportunity is spreading and the result is great to see - people start to talk about waste as a resource which is key to circular  economy. And it's great to see different parties becoming more open to discuss cooperation and open up their information for the market to help waste becoming a resource more efficiently. We are very glad to be part of this change happening. Looking forward to all the great collaboration with the contacts we made at the Summit!

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