Launch of Circular Fashion Partnership


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On October 13, 2020 at CFS+ we launched publicly the Circular Fashion Partnership in collaboration with Global Fashion Agenda and BGMEA, funded by P4G Partnerships. It is a collaboration project and call to action to support the recycling of textile waste in Bangladesh. The first signatories of the CFP include Bestseller and OVS
The Partnership aims to invite 10 brands in the programme who would all, as one of their first commitments, introduce 3 first suppliers in Bangladesh to join on Reverse Resources platform to start segregation of waste at source and tracing it to recycling. The project is of significant importance to RR because it's built up on the business case we've developed. It is directly targeted at helping us scale our service to help set up efficient supply chain of waste for textile-to-textile recycling.

You can watch the video of the launch event at CFS+ here.

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