Reverse Resources was selected among the nine growth stage start-ups to pitch at Latitude59 last week, the flagship tech conference of Estonia. It is a place where startups meets venture capital and hack out new innovations to make life better. We felt right at home.
The conference was spread out through two long days full of presentations and one-to-one meetings with minds that think alike. We found several important connections and witnessed a list of very inspiring talks by innovators, business leaders and politicians. 

In addition to the formal part of the conference, Reverse Resources was lucky to take part in a day-long pitching training by the contagiously energetic pitching coach Stewart Bewley from Our thanks to Stew for all his support. Hooray! If you ever feel unsure about taking a stand - or, indeed, if you ever feel unsure about anything - we highly recommend to ask Steward for help.

At the end of the second day we exercised our acquired pitching skills in front of the entire audience. We competed against eight other growth stage startups at the Pitch@Palace Estonia, first ever Pitch@Palace competition held outside the royal allure of England. We are glad that we got the chance to put our message out to such a large crowd and once again emphasise that the textile industry has much to gain from IT solutions.

Another competition behind us and we are again much wiser. This time, surprisingly, we did not win. The winners were better than us, and they had developed their ideas much further. But we have more competitions coming up, so hang on tight and you might hear some good news soon.

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