Cutting scraps, roll-ends, cut panels, bigger pieces of fabrics, dead stock fabrics.... 

On average 25% of resources are spilled from garment production - a great resource for remanufacturing the fabrics in next products or recycling scraps into new yarns. 

RR Software as a Service lowers costs, increases profits and creates transparency when circulating production spill

It's a one-point software solution for retail brands, factories & recyclers to capture the enormous win-win-win business opportunity from the circular economy concept.

Step 1: start measuring factory input-output volumes

The quantity of leftover materials is highly underestimated because there is lack of tracking and measurement systems in place for regular trustworthy data. The potential business opportunity of using the leftovers as part of the circular supply chains remains unknown for both the factories as well as their key buyers. Setting up regular KPI-s and tracking the volumes is the first step to start planning circularity.

Step 2: set up remanufacturing and improve recycling

~20% of the factory spill could still be remanufactured - used in the next purchase orders for the same buyers without a negative impact on cost or efficiency of production or any heavy investment. Even more, remanufacturing and recycling can reduce the use of virgin fabrics and save enormous amount of water and energy in factories. We've discovered - it's fully an issue of having an incentive to do so as part of the original supply chains. Our approach provides both the win-win incentive as well as the solution.

Step 3: what can't be used internally, can be sold and traced online

Most of the factories already sell their leftovers forward to local traders - all in one bulk, mixing up colours, fibres and piece sizes of the spill. Currently however reuse and recycling is rather inefficient as only better part of the resources find a new life, too much gets dumped or downcycled without reaching the right market. Our solution brings along efficiency, transparency and higher margins from connecting the right people in the supply chains with right information at the right time.

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